Centaur italic font

This page was last edited on 12 September , at Retrieved 20 September It also modernises Jenson's two-way serifs on the top of the 'M' in favour of one-way serifs.

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Retrieved 23 September Not all typefaces shown. The dots of the i and j are very visibly shifted to the right, a feature of Jenson's original design. So the first task of interpretation must be to decide what the skeletal form of each letter may have been before imper- fect printing added a layer of disguise.

Free Centaur Italic Font Download

The Cross of Leadset in the Middle Ages. Monotype typefaces Old style serif typefaces Typefaces and fonts introduced in Letterpress typefaces Digital typefaces. The palaeotypography of the French Renaissance. Other Monotype fonts of the hot metal period inspired by Renaissance printing included the very popular Bembo with a roman based on a slightly later font used by Centaud ManutiusLutetia by Jan van Krimpen a more personal design, as opposed to a direct revival and the post-war Dante.

A Tally of Types. Outside its common uses, Centaur is also used for the wordmark of John Varvatos and in the children's book Crispin: Centaur is an elegant and quite slender design, lighter on the page than Jenson's work and most other revivals, an effect possibly amplified in the digital release compared to the metal type.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Retrieved 11 December Detterer and Robert Hunter Middleton in the s.

Morris commissioned a revival font copying Jenson's work, and several other revivals and imitations of Morris' work had followed by Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science: It is believed to have been published in Rome and Venice between and Selected essays on the history of letter-forms in manuscript and print Paperback reissue, digitally printed version.

La operina di Ludouico Vicentino, da imparare di scriuere littera cancellarescha.

Centaur (typeface)

Hebraic Aspects of the Renaissance: Retrieved 28 December Italics did not exist in Jenson's time, and so the inspiration for Centaur's italic comes from thirty years later, in the calligraphy and printing of Ludovico Vicentino degli Arrighi. The horizontal stroke of the 'e' is slanted, not exactly horizontal as came to be the norm in print.

Centaur has been digitised, both by Monotype in collaboration with Adobe, and by LTC, who assumed the rights to many Lanston American Monotype typefaces, under the name of Metropolitan. Retrieved 19 September William Morris 's Golden Type began revivals of the Jenson style in with a more solid structure no matching italic was created for it ; other Jenson interpretations included the Doves Type while ATF's Satanick was a direct imitation of it.

Retrieved 30 June Retrieved 15 May This page was last edited on 12 Septemberat Dates are approximate only. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Centaur Italic Font

Among other Venetian revivals, Adobe Jenson is a notable and extremely complete digital revival from with features such as optical size fonts for different text sizes. The italic has sometimes tont named separately as the "Arrighi" italic. Retrieved 4 May It also modernises Jenson's two-way serifs on the top of the 'M' in favour of one-way serifs. Retrieved 29 December

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