Dragon naturally speaking 5.0

I also wish it did not use so many resources in the computer. Very Dynamic and Effective Software. Users got comfortable using very quickly.

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I find it very tedious to use on my Apple Mac and have now moved to a speakiny service which is far superior and free. Features in using the controls of the software can make it frustrating. Correcting mistakes, for example adding in a hyphen between words, is still not that intuitive and I'd love to see some more work done to help improve this feature.

Students can practise the correct pronunciation of English words, at the same time they learn vocabulary and the spelling.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Reviews and Pricing -

Setting it up to use with my Yeti microphone was surprisingly easy. Once setup it has been great.

Once you spend some time training the algorithm, you start getting baturally pretty accurate recognition of the dictated sentences. The sender help me out and when he found that it just was not going to work, he sent my money back and told me to keep the product and try to find someone who could use it, which was very nice of him.

It made the kids even more frustrated! It wasn't as intuitive as I initially thought it would be, however, after a little while it caught right up and I 5. have any issues. Easy of voice training that was involved, little to none. I might just have to get more RAM to solve this problem.

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Useful software, but not quite up to par by current standards. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Use the new Add Words from Document feature to add terminology quickly.

Installing Dragon Naturally Speaking on Windows XP

It's definitely worth the price, but you're going to have to put a fair amount dargon work into optimizing how it works. Yes Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Great dictation tool, takes a little getting used to. Excellent choice for quick dictation. Just as that version was becoming usable it was time for another OS X release.

Easy to install and set up. I used to be fine with this 7 years ago, but in it shouldn't be necessary. So if you plan on using it with specialized applications or platforms, you will need to verify that DNS is supported.

Incredibly intuitive, dynamic, and responsive dictation software. Not worth getting in my opinion. I use Dragon Naturally Speaking to speed up the writing of online articles and ebooks, and once I got the hang of it, it has saved me both time and typing. I started using Dragon Naturally Speaking with Version 4 back in the mid s.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Calling after getting nowhere with my support questions I called in again and was allowed a fix which consisted of the new version. Drragon have users who speak at barely a whisper and then I have doctors who will speak so loudly and fast to dictate you would think they are having a shouting match with someone.

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After a while I changed PC, then I changed laptop. There is a challenging learning curve and one must learn many voice commands in order to edit using voice. After a couple weeks it was eventually effective, but took quite a while to get there. It is easy to use and makes note writing a breeze.

Fortunately, there are no typos, but there drxgon some things I read back and ask myself, "what was I even saying there?

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