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Several beam system enhancements have been implemented - These include: Worksets dialog now offers the option to change the visibility of a workset globally. Specify Beam Direction from an independent sketch line. Panel Schedule Template editing: Worksets and Design Options:

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Structural - Reinforcement A. You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment autodes, for this post.

Customer can grab the blue grips defining what a temporary dimension is measuring and place them onto other more important references. After creating an element, clearing a selection, or exiting from a tool, the ribbon can now be 201 to either return to the previous tab the default behavior in the Project environment or to stay on the Modify tab. A deleted project parameter may still display in a panel schedule template until it is closed and reopened.

Specify Beam Direction from an independent sketch line. In addition to the ribbon, new controls for Worksets and for Design Options now appear in the Status Bar at the bottom-right of the Revit window. Only available when Hardware Acceleration is enabled. Changes to curtain walls that propagate to many elements autoddsk been improved. The former "Place" tab is now titled "Location", and contains a new map-based method of specifying a project's location, as well as the exiting 20011 selection method.

Turning Placeholder Sheets into Real Sheets: Displays faces of elements in flat color; faces of elements that are oriented at different angles to the camera will autdesk in the same shaded color. Revit MEP now has enhanced copy-monitor features: Concrete host cover reference has configurable object style.

Unattached column end cut appearance. Customers can now use the "Enter" key, or Right Click context menu to repeat the last command used.

A portion of model open is now executed in multiple threads. The pointer family must be nested into the body family.

Custom render settings dialog does not work: Customer can now click on a parameter labeled dimension and input a new value. Several slanted column enhancements have been implemented - These include: Customers can edit their elevation tags in a manner similar to customizing section marks.

Vertical projection from beams. A new Keyboard Shortcut dialog facilitates the assignment and management of hot keys for most Revit tools and commands. Flat Oval duct is now an option when creating duct within a project.

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Comments You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post. When making a new sheet using the "Sheet" command the list of Placeholder Sheets is displayed - these can be multi-selected and assigned a titleblock - thus creating many sheets at once. Tags may now be placed on elements in a linked model with the exception of areas, zones, spaces, keynotes, floor span symbols, path reinforcement span symbols, area reinforcement span symbols or the multi-tag beam annotations Tags and face based elements which have been hosted on elements of a linked model will now be flagged and collected in a new browser which may be accessed on the collaborate tab via the new "Reconcile Hosting" command.

Workset visibility has been given greater control on a project-wide basis: Column end geometry position control when attached to a beam. Worksets tab in individual views has been enhanced rsvit allow the per view workset visibility to be visible, not visible or to follow the global setting from the worksets dialog.

Multiple selection of non-contiguous cells is not supported. I will talk more about Green Building Studio in more detail in another post.

I am going to start what is common aitodesk all platforms.

Additional hook bend radius for rebar.

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