Dynomation 5 engine simulation

Test cylinderhead port flow and various length and runner designs. Spring Balancer 3 3 6 6lb. Not only that, the COMP Lobe Library includes several spreadsheets that provide detailed lobe specifications, application recommendations, and cross-references to cam catalog part numbers! One-Click "Optimize" function for all graphs reduces data set-up time to a single mouse click.

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Walker Tail Pipe. Find out more about Motion's Automatic Update policy. Dynomation-5 will not only meet your engine simulation needs, it will become your most valuable development tool!

Dynomation-5 Engine Simulation

Cam data includes cams from most of the World's major manufacturers. The Lobe Centerlines can be changed at anytime after the lobes have been imported into the simulated engine. Simply drag the graph pointer through the degrees of the 4-Cycle process, and ddynomation the engine move through its cycles, visualizing mass flow, exhaust and intake pressure waves, flow velocities, and more!

When your simulation testing is completed, COMP can quickly turn any lobe combination within reason into a real camshaft for any engine! Motion Dynomatino is dedicated to keeping Dynomation users ahead of the competition!

Dayco Lower Curved Radiator Hose. Dorman Exhaust Manifold Kit. What Makes Dynomation-5 Unique: We picked up a tenth and ten mph from changes we found in Dynomation. Dorman Transmission Oil Cooler. Beck Arnley Water Pump. Includes Motion Software Automatic Updater! By integrating these simulation technologies, engine data is seamlessly shared by both simulation models. Can you afford to use outdated software?

Purolator P Transmission Filter. Westward Universal Radiator Test Kit. It reveals otherwise invisible pressure waves and mass flow in cylinders and engine passages. Use this image to confirm the general validity of the data set find missing data points, corrupted data, etc. Dorman Timing Cover.

Importing profile data from a library takes only seconds. Lobe-profile data consists of or more data points measured directly from each cam lobe. This indicates the rotational index, in crank degrees, from the center of the lobe-profile data point of maximum lift to the Top-Dead-Center piston position.

Used Worldwide by professional engine builders and sportsman alike, Dynomation-5 stands alone as the most powerful and accurate engine simulation available for anywhere near its price!

Dynomation-5 incorporates two distinct engine simulation models: Anchor Engine Mount. See Order Formfor pricing, upgrade discounts and more. Beck Arnley Engine Mount. Purolator A Classic Air Filter.

Easily load any lobe into Dynomation-6 with enhanced Lobe-Import dialog. No part of this document may be reproduced without the explicit written permission of Motion Software, Inc.

In a nutshell, Dynomation-5 is the most significant new release of Dynomation, ever! Performs exceptional analysis of camshaft lift, duration, centerline, and lobe-separation angles. With Dynomation-5 you will quickly zero-in on the best combination of components to optimize power cynomation any engine! Easy to use and it produces accurate results.

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