Dell modular disk storage manager

What version of the MDSM do you have installed? Removing a storage array does not affect the storage array or its data in any way. Aggregated support data can be generated for a storage array to aid in remote troubleshooting and issue analysis. You are invited to get involved by asking and answering questions!

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You can still manage the storage array from other storage management stations where it has been added. Each storage array dell be assigned a unique name.

The host-agent software module is the software component that resides on the server or management station that communicates with the MD or MDi external storage enclosures. Then the sensor should work as well.

About Your Storage Array: Dell PowerVault Modular Disk Storage Manager User's Guide

Please log in or register to enter your reply. Add comment Created on Aug 24, 3: When you use out-of-band management, you must set the network configuration for each RAID controller module's management Ethernet port, including its Internet Protocol IP address, subnetwork mask subnet maskand gateway. You are storagr to get involved by asking and answering questions! Hi Sascha, please try to run the following command on the machine the parent probe of the sensor is running on: You can verify whether alerts are currently set by looking at the Alert status line in the Status area of the Summary tab.

You can remove managed storage array from the list of managed arrays if you no longer want to manage it from a specific storage management station. MD Storage Manager asks for this password when an attempt is made to change the storage array configuration, such as when a virtual disk is created or deleted.

Storage Array Support Data. Add comment Created on Jul 15, 2: You'll find this software on the resource CD that came with your device. Text boxes for the current password, the new password, and new password confirmation are displayed.

If you remove an access virtual disk mapping from an in-band-managed storage array, MD Storage Manager can no longer access the storage array. When the program starts, the following message is displayed:. Mkdular can take several minutes for MD Storage Manager to connect to the specified storage array. The Perform Initial Setup Tasks link located on the Summary tab provides links to the basic steps mxnager should follow when initially setting up a storage array in MD Storage Manager.

Where do I find the Dell PowerVault Modular Disk Storage Manager for use with my MDi SAN?

Removing a storage array does not affect the storage array or its data in any way. MD Storage Manager can send an alert for any condition on the storage array that requires your attention, such as the failure of a storage array component or the occurrence of an adverse environmental condition. Up Down Hello Sascha. After the program completes the startup process, text similar to the following messages is displayed:.

Dell also offers resource CDs for download. For detailed information on setting up in-band and out-of-band management see the Installation Guide. The SMagent software might take a little time to initialize. When adding a storage array using in-band management with iSCSI, a session must first be established between the initiator on the host server and the storage array. Created del Jul 16, Any ID number you assign will not conflict with the enclosure IDs.

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To configure e-mail alerts, click the Tools tab and then click Set up e-mail alerts. A learn cycle can only start when the battery is fully charged. A compressed zip file containing support data is saved to the location of your choice. Maybe this is the issue. Out-of-Band and In-Band Management.

What version of the MDSM do you have installed? Last change on Jul 23,

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