Capture the crown

Regardless of our current situation, the band is currently working on a brand new full-length album which you will hear more about in the near future. On 9 November the band announced that they would be cancelling their UK tour, but that they have been working really hard on a new album and will be heading into the studio in January. Views Read Edit View history.

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I Give You Hell", released 1 Julyreachingviews in just under two months. This Is A Knife!

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Since captjre, the band released an official statement on 17 October on their Facebook page stating:. This band started touring in late Retrieved 12 April Since their formation they have issued two studio albums, 'Til Death 18 Decemberwhich appeared on three Billboard component charts Top Hard Rock No. In October guitarists Jye Menzies announced he had left the band, citing the band becoming a negative force in his life as a reason for his departure.

On 22 DecemberBlake Ellis announced his th from the band on his personal Facebook page with the statement " Along with relocating, unfortunate luck with reoccurring vehicle issues on top of numerous other factors have not put us into a great place financially. Cappture their music video quickly rose them to popularity in the scene, it also gained them criticism for resembling other bands in the genre, such as Asking Alexandria.

Consider transferring direct quotations to Wikiquote. Capture on Facebook current Members Jeffery welfare. On 2 June the band announced that their new album "Reign Of Terror" will be released on 5 August In saying this, we are currently finishing up our second full-length album which will be released shortly.

Capture the Crown announce breakup - Alternative Press

Retrieved from " https: Following being dropped from Sumerian Records, the band announced on 9 Aprilthey would be signed by Artery Recordings. Factors contributing to the debt: They also announced that they are currently captue new material, although they did not specify if it is an EP or a full album, with both an album and an EP being released by them in On 24 November the band announced their debut album, ' Til Death on 18 December which they would be self-releasing and have pre-order packages set up on the band's webstore.

With that said, not being paid capfure seeing any financial gains for almost 3 years is extremely rough! Capture the Crown have started writing new material, we have some big announcements and a whole lot on the horidzon. I Give You Hell" appeared. On 30 OctoberSumerian Records announced that they had dropped Capture the Crown from their roster, with the drown " Later inthey announced that they had signed tne Artery Recordings.

It contained a short clip of a song and a list of what look to be upcoming tour dates in the USA.

Capture the Crown announce breakup

Sumerian RecordsArtery Recordings. Formed in early in Sydney by Blake Ellis on guitar later on bass guitarJye Menzies on guitar and Jeffrey Wellfare on lead vocals.

Since the beginning not a single member has made a single cent. Please help improve the article by presenting facts as a neutrally-worded summary with appropriate citations. It was later announced by Jye through Twitter, fellow guitarist Kris Sheehan and drummer Tyler March had also left the band.

There are some new faces and personalities in the family and in all honesty it has never been better. This page was last edited on 7 Octoberat Denis Shaforostov Official ". Retrieved 7 January From day one, the band has been in copious amounts cpature debt.

Archived from the original on 16 June They were joined by Volumes, and by Structures on select dates.

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