Database configuration assistant oracle 11g

The information in templates includes database options, initialization parameters, and storage attributes for data files, tablespaces, control files, and online redo log files. With this setting, automatic shared memory management is enabled for the SGA, and memory is allocated to the individual PGAs as needed. About Advanced Installation During advanced installations using the Server Class method you are prompted to make the additional choices listed in this section, and the choices for a typical installation.

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How to Create Database using database configuration assistant DBCA in Oracle

Enter a number or accept the default value of You must also specify the operating system credentials the backup job uses when performing backups. In the second field you have to specify the SID which stands for system identifier. Deleting Templates When you delete a template, it is no longer available to create a new database or a new template. You can also use DBCA to delete a database.

Then, select one option: With this setting, automatic shared memory management is enabled for the SGA, and memory is allocated to the asaistant PGAs as needed. Step 10 - Database Storage In this window, a navigation tree displays the storage structure of your database control files, data files, online redo log groups, and so forth. It is distinct from the database area, which is a location for the current database files data files, control files, and online redo log files.

Select this option when you want a template from which you can create an exact replica of the source database. Configuratin character set determines what languages can be represented in the database.

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You can perform online tablespace backups, and use these backups to restore a tablespace following media failure. The first window that appears is the Configure Security Updates window. This prevents other users from writing over the Oracle product installation files.

Name of the database Destination of the data files Number of control files Number of online redo log groups Initialization parameters Other changes can be made after database creation using custom scripts that can be invoked by DBCA, command-line SQL statements, or Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control.

A group of online redo log files cannot be reused by the log writer LGWR process until the group is archived.

This section describes the following DBCA tasks:. Step 1 This is the first step out of 11 for creating the database. Your installation and database creation is now complete. As you can see that by default it takes database name from Global database name field which is YouTube in our case.

This choice is a configuration option only during advanced installation. The default value for this parameter is appropriate for many environments.

Templates can be copied from one computer to another. Asistant for creating database using DBCA are databaxe for both. What type of database edition installation do you want to perform?

A database includes several files that store the user data, database metadata, and information required to recover from failures. What is archive log mode and how to enable it? Memory Sizing Character Sets Connection Mode You can also click the All Initialization Parameters button at the bottom of the window to display oracld list of all the database initialization parameters and their current settings.

By default, the database is configured for dedicated server processes. Also see Oracle Database Installation Guide for your platform.

On the Windows platform, it also deletes associated Windows services. Oracle recommends that you install the sample schemas.

You must specify a local directory for the inventory, which OUI uses to keep track of all Oracle software installed on the computer. You can create a preconfigured database or a custom-configured database during installation.

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With this setting, the system orwcle tunes many of the memory components of the SGA, and allocates memory to individual PGAs as needed. After you enter a directory path and optionally specify an operating system group, click Next to continue. In the Operations window, select Delete a Database and click Next.

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