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How much DBZ swag did he buy? Pop out the jelly and get to downloading! Fri, 14 February The Next Dimension: And now for something a bit different Fri, 8 May Episode

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Episode 32 Part 3: The gang balo Gotenks, the fusion of Trunks and Goten! Along the way, the guys keep relevant by discussing the new Revival of F trailer and squee at the news of FUNimation's English dub dropping in the summer of ! What new obsession of Don's regularly references Dragon Ball?

Satan, Smart Alecks and Sexy Buu! Podcast trailer Check out the trailer for Donovan's upcoming podcast, set to drop before the end of August! Buu Saga -- posted at: Only way to find out for sure is bal download! You know a series is good when someone who's familiar with the show gets tongue tied trying to describe it! All this and more can be found inside, so get to downloading!

Don and Jesse are back in the saddle as they return to reviewing Dragon Ball for the first time in a year! The Next Dimension switches gears late into djrect podcasting life with a new approach, new format, new commentary, and a new host! Stay tuned for part two!

Among the topics of discussion include the remnants of continuity after Dragon Ball Super, English dubbing news and more! Then the gang talk about "Super Android 13"!

It's summer movie season and Donovan and Jesse can stay silent no longer! Check bll the trailer for Donovan's upcoming podcast, set to drop before the end of August! Sun, 2 June The Next Dimension: In this episode the guys cover the video game-like nature of Babadi's stronghold, and one host laments the time it takes to get to each fight.

The show isn't dead! These two movies are better.

2003 Dragon Ballz Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Direct Strike #35

Watching Anime with Stella! Fri, 17 January The Next Dimension: Eragon only possible way is to download, so you know what to do!

Will Gohan be a Super Saiyan or won't he?

Fri, 18 April The Next Dimension: Dub crowd of DBZ fandom, Don tries to quell the violence by discussing the various themes and lyric songs from both Shunsuke Kikuchi's original Japanese score and Bruce Falconer's themes for Funimation!

You can't get any better with this episode's wacky topics, so get to downloading and fast! Donovan and Jesse's thoughts on Dragon Ball: How much DBZ swag did he buy? Drafon, 9 February The Next Dimension: How did this breaking story affect the hosts? Fri, 24 April Movie Special 4 Part 1: A fan of the show? dtagon

Dragon Ballz Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Direct Strike #35 on Kronozio

What can possibly happen next? How does Freeza's brother fare in a second outing?

Tue, 25 November Episode

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