Ai suite and turbov

BB code is On. Monitor Samsung 30 inch nt. I need urgent help!

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You are far better off using the bios then software.

How to quickly get more out of your PC with the ASUS AI Suite | Windows Central

Do it manually in the BIOS. Voltage values will need to be adjusted accordingly to ensure for suit stable operation with overclocked components. It sounds like it doesn't work in Windows 8 anyway. Benchmarking Software and Discussion Overclock.

Ai opens at startup in your tool tray or load it up.

It will be with the name of 5-Way Optimization. This is a measurement of the "base clock" for the CPU. Manipulating this will increase the total clock speed with regards to ratio configuration. My guess is the overclock is robbing power from the memory?

ASUS TurboV EVO - Download

July 15, 2: It should be on the top most left portion on the main page of AiSuite. Want a really cool rig? Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada Posts 6, Thus we've included this handy little speed guide that will run over the absolute bare minimum steps required to configure the software to overclock your PC.

IMO those that have a negative opinion zuite software OCing are basing that opinion on what was available years ago or simply did not follow the instructions of the software and had a bad experience.

How to Overclock Using AI Suite II TurboV Evo ?

Double-click the AI Suite 3 icon on your taskbar to fire up the software. Choose between auto and manually assigning a frequency, depending on your overclocking requirements.

Fans are there for a reason after all. It's a powerful tool that lets you not only monitor installed and connected fans, but also profile them, have the software automatically detect maximum and minimum speeds, and quickly switch between profiles depending on immediate requirements.

How to quickly get more out of your PC with the ASUS AI Suite

This usually requires a trip into the motherboard BIOS to fiddle with advanced settings, but those with a compatible ASUS motherboard will be able to take advantage of the manufacturer's AI Suite to quickly squeeze out more power.

Good luck with your OC!

Select where the fan is located. This site uses cookies.

Press the auto tune button, then turbo V opens, press auto tuning at the top then you get two choices Fast or Extreme. OliverHviid July 15, 1: I can do it for any budget! I'm a very active member of Asus ROG forum, and let me tell younone of the pro on this forum use Asus softwares. Even if you're choosing not to dive in and play with various settings to get the most out of your PC, ASUS packs in a variety of features in its AI Suite that offer extended functionality and are well worth checking out.

Software like AI Suite should only really be used as a backup if you're not confident in altering BIOS settings yourself, or do not wish to reboot the PC multiple times to achieve the perfect balance in performance and stability.

Now, the big question I have for you guys is: Can be increased accordingly to provide a wider total power for extending overclocking frequency range.

Select the chassis scan image.

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