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Over the long term, it meant songs could spend long runs for about a year on the chart even after they went to recurrent status on other published charts. Radio Express , founded by original show creator Tom Rounds, kept AT40 in production following the move by ABC as the program was still carried in foreign markets. Jim came up with a show called More Than You Deserve. The s , by Pete Battistini pp. His final 1 was Outkast 's " Hey Ya!

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That is the timeless thing.

The shows are available in either their full original four-hour format, or an abbreviated three-hour version that omits the first hour of the show. Radio Expressfounded by original show ameridan Tom Rounds, kept AT40 in production following the move by ABC as the program was still carried in foreign markets.

American Top 40 with Casey and Shadoe

It also stopped using the Hot chart, switching first to the Hot Airplay chart and finally to the Mainstream Top 40 chart. These songs generally scored much higher radio airplay, and some were not even released as singles such as "Steel Bars" by Michael Bolton.

AT40 used the top 40 songs from the Billboard Hot singles chart from the show's inception in to November 23, Various guest hosts, however, will continue to do hosting duties from its original Hollywood studios when Seacrest is not around.

Stevens then took a moment to thank the listeners for their support over the previous twenty-four plus years and played one last Long Distance Dedication, sent by him to the fans.

Notably, Kasem ended the monologue with the prediction that "disco is here to stay," which was proven false in short order, as disco rapidly fell out of fashion by The offensive lyric in the song was, "He wouldn't take shit from no one. Over the long term, it meant songs could spend long runs for about a year on the chart even after they went to recurrent status on other published charts. Radio announcer Charlie Van Dyke filled in for Casey a record 31 times in the s. In its early years, the AT40 used the Billboard charts to compile the countdown, touting it as "the only source".

Retrieved from " https: Don McLean 's hit American Piewhich was 8: One solution for the AT40 producers was to air frequent specials at least three or four times a year that concentrated on the classic music of the past, such as Rock in the Movies and Top Hits of the Seventies.

As has been mentioned previously, many rock radio stations in the late s adopted anti- disco stances, and this, too, was reflected in the way some affiliates edited AT Because the station did not have disco songs in the playlist, and the top 40 that week had several disco songs, WGCL had to reach outside its library to find copies of some of the songs, some of which were not the single versions; "Hot Stuff" and "Bad Girls" by Donna Summerthe songs occupying the 3 and 2 spots on the Billboard chart for that week respectively, were conveniently available as a inch medley, which Coleman used for the show.

American Top 40 with Casey Kasem and Shadoe Stevens

As usual, the 2 song on the chart led it off; that song was " Another Night " by Real McCoywhich had been the 1 song one week earlier. In the summer ofradio station KRNQ lasem Des Moines, Iowaedited out " The Killing of Georgie " by Rod Stewart, because of the subject matter of a ameican being murdered; that song peaked at 30 on the countdown. When the station's copy of the show did not arrive in time, he used Billboard' s list and merely played the records, apparently heavily implying that the show was American Top 40 without actually identifying it as such.

Songs with offensive words in their titles were often censored for radio airplay, and is reflected amrrican their inclusion on AT The songs peaked at 25 and 21 respectively.

Casey Kasem’s American Top 40: The 80’s

Chevrolet is the main sponsor for the show. Original host Casey Kasem had acquired the rights to the name and branding of his creation, but found Westwood One unwilling to exploit them. Other extras inducted on a regular basis include "AT40 Breakout", a song predicted to crack the chart within the next few weeks formerly known as the "Out of The Box" hit ; "Request Line", a segment in which Ryan Seacrest will play a song requested by a listener; "Double Play", a former hit from the artist just played; "AT40 Sleaze" inspired by the "Dees Sleaze" segment of the Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 radio show ; and "AT40 Rewind", a hit song from the past decade or so.

As Stevens then read the credits and signed off for the final time, he played one final song.

This gradually became a wide schism as rock splintered into several formats in the early s. This song would chart in the highs for four weeks, dropping out after May 15, The program is currently hosted by Ryan Seacrest and presented amerucan an adjunct to his weekday radio program, On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

The 70's shows that were originally produced in mono are being converted to true stereo by Ken Martin. As a result, AT40's weekly playlist could be very diverse in the styles and formats of the songs played.

The affiliates usually used the suggestion, though some did not and no major complaints were ever heard. On the first show with Ryan Seacrest, this led to caswy older songs reappearing after having dropped off many weeks earlier. Kasem was replaced by Shadoe Stevenswhose first American Top 40 show aired on August 13,on 1, stations.

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