Casualties of war

This film shows both sides and makes you understand that choices are not always as easy as they should be when you are confronted by your peers. He's still good though, and really sympathetic. Sean Penn co-stars as Meserve, the squadron sergeant, who vows revenge after his best friend is killed. Shaun Shea as Soldier.

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Casualties of War - Wikipedia

His attempts to casualyies the repeated rapes upon the girl played wonderfully in a demanding role by Thuy Thu Le Oanh are foiled under threat of death. Casualties of War He really doesn't begin to do any real acting until ot hooch scenes where the horrors of the movies occur. In this movie, Sean Penn has the stage to himself, for all practical purposes.

A powerful metaphor of the national shame that was America's orgy of destruction in Vietnam, Brian De Palma's film deals directly with the harrowing rape and murder of a Vietnamese woman by four GIs.

Casualties of War: in the company of military men | Film | The Guardian

The five-man squad, led by a year-old sergeant, Tony Meserve, had been sent on patrol. There is plausibility in every movement and gesture, and especially in his crafty handsomeness. After Meserve's best friend is killed, he vows revenge.

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Not the grand sin of war in general, but the specific destruction of order amongst soldiers far from home who have lost sight of their own humanity.

In real life, Meserve never rescued Eriksson, but he had been nominated for a Bronze Star on a similar occasion, coming to the aid of a GI whose ammo pouch had exploded.

Casualties of War Review

John Marshall Jones as MP. In David Rabe mentioned the project to Brian De Palma, who was interested if was unable to raise the money to finance it.

Read reviews that mention michael j fox sean penn casualties of war vietnamese girl thuy thu vietnam war war movies brian de palma true story brian depalma rape and murder based on a true ving rhames vietnam john leguizamo john c reilly metal jacket david rabe full metal sgt meserve. The most serious picture with Michael J. Y] 21 May A Conversation with Michael J. Sean Penn stars as Sgt Meserve, the antagonist of the film and he gives one brutal performance here, I thought it was very chilling.

Meserve, a terrifying Platoon leader who, after suffering a loss in his unit, becomes a bloodthirsty monster and submits to Moloch: As good as he is though, he of course gets overshadowed by Sean Penn.

They go their casualtiez ways, and Eriksson is somewhat comforted.

Casualties of War

From a narrative point of view, the change makes sense. After narrowly escaping an attempt to kill him in the latrine with a grenade made by ClarkEriksson storms into a tent and smacks Clark in the face with a shovel.

Such that he casualgies justice is far more important than comradeship and turns in his fellow soldiers. Eventually Meserve and his co-conspirators are jailed for their crimes, but Eriksson can never forget his "compliance" in the incident by failing to save the girl.

While guarding the platoon's flank, Eriksson falls as the wra of a VC cxsualties gives way beneath him. Casualties Of War is a good war drama, but its the best out there, at times the script feels strained and it seems that they tried to make nearly every seen very overly sentimental, more than they needed to be. Despite risk of severe retaliation, and the indifference of his superiors Ving Rhames and Dale DyeEriksson is determined to bring his fellow soldiers to justice. He's soldiering with a squad of hardened men lead by the young but volatile Sgt.

Every friend may be an enemy, every innocent a traitor. Brian de Palma features.

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