Citrix desktop appliance lock

Open a Case Open a ticket online for technical assistance with troubleshooting, break-fix requests, and other product issues. Our Web Interface is 5. What is Citrix Desktop Lock? If all users accessing the appliance site will authenticate using the same domain, the domain field can be hidden to simplify and clean up the login.

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I have added this on the guide page as it may help someone else. Relevant Relevant Recent Popular.

It all seems to work and I can get to my Citrix session. Can anyone from Citrix provide some insight into this or perhaps provide a link to a doc that can help.

Desktop Appliance Lock on Windows 7 embedded Thin Client - XenDesktop - Discussions

There are better alternatives out there, most notably ThinKiosk by Andy Morgan. Thin Kiosk allows the users to use multiple desktops, applications etc and adds additional configuration options to empower the user. Any documentation on doing this with the new 4.

Hi Andrew, Apologies for my delayed reply! Applicable Products Citrix Receiver.

How to Configure Desktop Lock for Non-domain Joined Endpoint

Now I know a browser like Firefox exhibits similar problems with passthrough…an issue I do see if I say run Internet Explorer in kisok mode. My suggestion is to document like this: Stay tuned for upcoming blogs on delivering a Windows 7-like desktop experience with XenApp 6.

The user wants to unlock his computer and it took at least 15 seconds to access the desktop again logon process. What are these above-mentioned configuration options?? The below software components have been tested and are recommended: Citrix Ready Higher Education 2 days ago. At a customer we are looking to replace the RES subscriber with Thinkiosk. Uncategorized Nov 28, I would only use Vista to make my security folks happy.

Desktop Appliance Lock:Windows 7 Embedded, Citrix and log off local client #2

Thin Kiosk can also be configured to run as the end user. If this does happen, just restart desktopp endpoint. This allows for quick boot times, removes any complications provided by the users group policies and allows users to fall back to their own profile in the event of missing functionality during initial testing. Featured Citrix Workspace Services 3 days ago. Using XenDesktop 5 with VMware.

Thinkiosk: Turn your current PC’s into Citrix ready thin clients, with minimum hassle.

Notify me of new comments via email. This step can be done at any time and is not required for connecting to the published desktop via a desktop appliance.

Mark this reply as best answer, if it answered your question. In the near future, this functionality will be bundled up into a more user friendly deployment package to simplify the job for XenApp admins. Passthrough to the web interface is fine.

Uncategorized Feb 22, Bear in mind this is a 1. This information does not apply to Agents running on Terminal Servers. Another issue is that when i minimized an app windows to work with another one, i am no longer able to restore maximize the one i minimized. Desktlp 7 Embedded, Citrix and log off local client 2.

An email with an activation link has just been sent to you. The scripts are available today via the Citrix community code share for manual deployment. Published desktops can be connected to using traditional methods such as Web Interface and Citrix Receiver but this blog entry will focus on how to deliver a desktop dedktop a desktop appliance as the endpoint.

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