Adventure time the creeps

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Overall, I like this one a lot. Jake then thinks its just another joke. He was totally the one who picked out those names!

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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Then they try running upstairs but Jake was captured. Jake suggests that they get candles in case the lights go out again, which they do.

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He can just simply lock it away anytime rhe wishes. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Jake believes he was just imagining it out of fear but Finn denies it.

The conductor of the mystery train was pretty obviously Jake to adventurd, but here, I was kinda second guessing myself a cfeeps. Finn brings the remaining party guests to the staircase and has BMO take pictures of them with its ghost-detecting gear to see who is possessed. Cinnamon Bun tries to leave, but as he tries to open the door, the lights flicker. However, the host then reveals himself as a murderous ghost that will possess the body of one guest to kill everyone else.

The observatory is surrounded by ocean, which crashes up against the base of the building in huge waves. Finn then hides in a room. The floor separates completely into a mouth shape, and the furniture begins to try and eat him, and Finn flees this room and up a nearby stairwell into the observatory. This site uses cookies. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Finn and Jake head to a castle for a party they were invited to by an unknown host.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The trick is revealed that the ghost is lady rainicorn! It is the sixty-fourth episode overall. Finn then admits that this was a prank, but that was not part of it.

But sometimes, life is scary, and dark. Home About Season Archives Contact.

“The Creeps” Review |

You are commenting using your WordPress. Finn and Jake tries to escape but the doors were locked.

Finn checks the closet where Cinnamon Bun and BMO are supposed to be hiding, but instead finds their splattered and scattered remains draped all over the walls and ceiling of the closet. He was totally the one who picked out those names! He and BMO head into the basement tume BMO disappears, having been captured by what appears to be a long worm-like white ghost.

Retrieved from " http: Out of bookshelves, the Ghost Lady appears and tries to get Finn but he managed to escape by breaking a hole in the wall. The 'ghost' also engulfs Lumpy Space Princess and she tries to call her parents but then the lights start to flicker and the ghost captures her and puts her in tim painting. The light rises through the floor, finally cornering Finn, when the light takes the sheet off its head and herself to be Lady Rainicorn with all the guests fused in her body, and Jake on her back.

"Adventure Time" The Creeps (TV Episode ) - IMDb

The night turns from a masquerade party into a terrifying whodunit as the guests start to get murdered one by one. Finn wanted to tie her up with Princess Bubblegum agreeing with him, causing her to be accused of being possessed Lumpy Space Princess then continually interrupts; confessing that she broke up with Brad because he kissed her on the mouth and she was not ready.

Jake reveals that he knew about Finn's plan for months and 'flipped the script' with Lady Rainicorn. Outside the door is a box of disguises for them to wear.

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