Die hard arcade

The game takes about three hours to play from start to finish and there are multiple endings, which depend how many continues you use most players, though, will want to use the included classic Sega arcade game, Deep Scan, to earn more "credits" to beat it on one try. The former handled the design and programming, while the latter handling modeling, as well as providing the soundtrack. Notify me of new posts by email.

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Easy Mode makes the game a lot more simpler for novice players and adds nods to the Golden Axe series with players changing into Ax Battler and Tyris Flare including a boss reskinned as Death Adder.

Still has the Missile Command card on the inside of the back door. The SEGA Saturn port was released shortly after the arcade version a year later with the inclusion of an arcade classic, Deep Scan.

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AM1 Sega Technical Institute. It is not a picture taken of the exact item being sold. Everything you will see listed are originals and are either factory sealed or in mint, new condition.

Die Hard Arcade

Views Read Edit View history. A pesky group of terrorists have her, along with ahrd president's daughter and twenty-eight others, held hostage. The Die Hard Arcade is disc only with a generic white paper sleeve. December 22, at 2: Action scenes look really good - the onscreen characters move like real people, even though they don't exactly look lifelike.

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The typical level structure is a number of minions the player must defeat in many rooms, followed by a boss.

Most surprisingly, the game holds its own - even without the "tacked-on" Die Hard license, you would still have a cool game. After watching videos of it, it looks like a Asian themed remake of the Dreamcast game.

They maybe marked, or have identifying markings on it, or show other signs of previous use. The monitor was also degaussed. After all it is a Naomi game. GamesRadar ranked it number 25 on the list of the best Sega Saturn games, claiming that the "wide array of firearms and melee weapons helped amp up the arcade-style action. The only major downside is that the music is all redbook audio played directly from the CD, which means it fades in and out as it loads each new screen.

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This page was last updated: The naming conventions of the series are a tad confusing due to licensing. Dynamite Detective is a beat 'em up video game released by Sega. The camera is always fixed it an overhead angle, but occasionally swoops downwards and upwards in line with the action to make it look arrcade dramatic. Sega had quite a number of arcade beat-em-ups under its belt bybut Die Hard Arcade uard the first to go 3D. Die Hard Arcade 2. The case a small crack on the front but no Are you a fan of action movies and always wanted to be the action hero in a video game?

Retrieved March 2, The sequel was released internationally as Dynamite Cop. Tubbs an army general and pairs of laser-shooting Spiderbots.

Die Hard Arcade Review

It is dynamic at one point and alarming the next as if you were in a movie scene. Most screens have at least a few objects that can be picked up and used to bash enemies or used to bash youas well as a handful of guns and other projectile-firing weapons.

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Both discs are in nice shape, only a few light surface scratches and none that are deep. What is complete differs from one person to another. Periscope was recreated in 3D with the objective of shooting missles at battleships to earn credits in Dynamite Deka.

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