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There are moments while you're listening to his album when you drift off for a moment and forget the rapper you're listening to isn't actually Biggie.

Guerilla Black – Guerilla City Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

I thank God for being here nigga just to talk [Chorus] 2x [Verse 3] I got a warrant up in Torrance I dont give a fuck I ain't payin' shit Send me to the county to the dorm where i can play it sick Watching big screens, taking showers, on the phone Sharpen up my toothbrush just in case homes And them other eses start tripping Swing with my right nigga keep the left one sticking Until they tear gas and pepper spray this bitch down I got three days left until i'm back out And when i touch down back in the CPT I got the pack of cigs I ain't smoke in bout 2 weeks Niggas blowin' up my cellphone to know the whole scoop Niggas break down your story better than you do That's the hood for you niggas know the info I'm back in the Monte Carlo with a nympho?

It's quite amazing, the resemblance. Jazz Latin New Age. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube.

Verified Artists All Artists: Look in my eyes it ain't all palm trees and dody smoke Bunch of hood minded muthafuckas holdin' heat for ckty Jump in they? Streams Videos All Posts. And these are just the most notable producers!

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And these guys don't just make beats; they craft a number of could-be hits too long to count on one hand. For one, he sounds almost exactly like the Notorious B.

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Guerilla City - Guerilla Black | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

Compton, home of the legends It's a cold place to be at baby Uh Uh [Chorus] 2x When I'm in Guerilla City And I got my killas with me In khakis and chucks Gats untucked Dont fuck around and get your ass sprayed up [Verse 1] When you walk glack my city you can tell it's a cold vibe Look at the eyes of the young niggas and old guys You can see the hurt the old cats on the inside The young niggas stay smokin sherm And ain't no promise I'll see tomorrow It's just me my?

What We Gonna Do. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Here he is, a new face on the national scene from Compton, he isnot affiliated with anyone let alone any possenot down with any particular scene the West Coast had been relatively silent in recent yearsand not signed by any significant label Virgin Records, not exactly a brand name synonymous with rap.

Guerilla City Guerilla Black. And Black knows it, too, making the connection for you before Guerilla City even gets a fuerilla minutes underway. Guerrilla Black basically describes the environment in which he grew up in and continued to live in before his imprisonment, which is the city of Compton, California.

It's a downright ghostly experience! We'll have things fixed soon. And if you think that's just good ol' hyperbole, give one of these songs a studious listen and you'll think twice: Guerilla City Charles Williamson. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. The Strip Club Ugerilla.

Guerilla City

Release Date September 28, And not just his voice itself but also in terms of delivery and subject matter and moreover, he even looks like Big. Believe it or not, Guerilla City is one of the best gurrilla albums to surface over the course ofeven if you've never even heard of this guy before and even if nothing commercially significant ever comes of this stellar debut.

No doubt this resemblance was his ticket to the big time, guerklla there's more to Guerilla City than that. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Quite an impressive roster of talent to work with, especially for a newcomer, huh?

Yet, this lack of credentials aside, Black has himself a damn impressive debut album. Introspection Late Night Partying. Stream or buy on: Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip.

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