Activex control test container

Shockwave ActiveX Controls , which might crash or misbehave otherwise if such version information is missing. Did you find this helpful? On the Build menu, click Build Solution. In the lower pane, observe how the logs, events, and property change notifications are fired by the control as you manipulate it.

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The property now contains the new value. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

This sample code is provided to illustrate a concept and should not be used in applications or Web sites, as it may not illustrate the safest coding practices.

Thanks for mentioning that. So if you actjvex a malicious ActiveX control coontainer your computer and exercise it cojtainer the container, you may encounter security issues. The most recent version and complete list of samples is available online from the Visual Studio Samples page.

Building and Running the Sample. This tool was removed from the set of tools shipped with Visual Studio for a couple of reasons: Specify the destination of event information.

Note that there is a problem with the sample in Visual Studio Until I realized my mistake, I was seeing a side-by-side error at startup.

Where is TstCon: ActiveX test container - bits and bytes

All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. This tool was removed from the set of tools shipped with Visual Studio for a couple of reasons:. We appreciate your feedback.

On the Options menu, click Logging. Right, the LCID for the location may vary.

where can i download ActiveX Control Test Container(tstconexe)?

Click Invoke to apply the new value to the object. ActiveX Control Test Container. Once you do so, the tool will run in both Win32 and x64 configurations without issue.

Test Container can display logs of data-binding notifications and also provides facilities for testing an ActiveX control's persistence functionality: Shockwave ActiveX Controlswhich might crash or misbehave otherwise if such version information is missing.

What exactly is the point of the samples then?

Run the test container application as a stand-alone application so it can register itself with the system. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Note that this control is installed with Microsoft Access.

You can write scripts using the VBScript language to automate the testing of the controls. The application can load and execute script files in JavaScript, Contaoner, Perl and Python if installed to automate the controls loaded. The compler complains that ocscpy is unsafe. I would have thought most developers perfectly capable of writing nonfunctional code without studying the samples shipped with tst IDE.

Testing Properties and Events with Test Container

In the Method Name drop-down list, select the PropPut method for the property you want to test. Servers and Enterprise Development.

We recommend using Visual Studio Did you find this helpful? Example script files using the QAxWidget2 class are available in the scripts subdirectory. Collapse the table of content. In the Insert Control box, select the desired control and click OK.

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