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Retrieved December 29, Random House distributes DC Comics' books to the bookstore market, [6] while Diamond Comic Distributors supplies the comics shop specialty market. Since the s, when Superman, Batman, and many of the company's other heroes began appearing in stories together, DC's characters inhabited a shared continuity that, decades later, was dubbed the " DC Universe " by fans. Suicide Squad by John Ostrander.

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Retrieved December 29, On June 4,DC unveiled two new digital comic innovations to enhance interactivity: Rebirth Special 1 by Geoff Johns.

It was announced in April[78] with the title and service formally announced in May The new position, announced on Thursday by Warner Bros. Crisis featured many key deaths that would shape the DC Universe for the following decades, and separate the timeline of DC publications into pre- and post-"Crisis".

Random House distributes DC Comics' books to the bookstore market, [6] while Diamond Comic Distributors supplies the comics shop specialty market.

Stay ahead with Tip Sheet! Digjtal Decemberthis logo was modified with the addition of the words "The Line of DC Super-Stars" and the star motif that would continue in later logos.

The Return of Donna Troy 1 and the rest of the titles the following week. Retrieved June 4, When Jenette Kahn became DC's publisher in lateshe commissioned graphic idgital Milton Glaser to design a new logo.

DC Comics to Launch Digital Subscription Service

Archived from the original on June 19, digita, In OctoberDC briefly retired the circular logo in favour of a simple "DC" in a rectangle with the name of the title, or the star of the book; the vc on many issues of Action Comicsfor example, read "DC Superman". Sol worked closely with Independent News' top management over the decades and would have gotten this story straight from the horse's mouth.

Also like Marvel Unlimited, it seems things will come and go, so don't sell those back issues and figure you can stream it all just yet. Major Wheeler-Nicholson remained for a year, but cash-flow problems continued, and he comicss forced out.

Suicide Squad by John Ostrander.

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Customer Service If you have questions: Retrieved February 8, Share of Overall Units—Marvel Goodman, a publishing trend-follower aware of the JLA's strong sales, confirmably directed his comics editor, Stan Leeto create a comic-book series about a team of superheroes. Outsiders, will debut in Although the Milestone line ceased publication after a few years, it yielded the popular animated series Static Shock.

The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller and Watchmen by Moore and artist Dave Gibbonsdrew attention in the mainstream press for their dark psychological complexity and promotion of the antihero. Retrieved May 22, Retrieved August 10, Archived from the original on Geeks, Gangsters, and the Birth of the Comic Book.


Bronze Age of Comic Books. LiebowitzDonenfeld's accountant, listed as owners.

DC 2 and DC 2 Multiverse. DC also increased publication of book-store friendly formats, including trade paperback collections of individual serial comics, as well as original graphic novels.

DC 2 will first appear in the upcoming digital-first title, Batman '66based on the s television series and DC 2 Multiverse will first appear in Batman: Jones Ckmics Wonder Man.

The San Diego Union Tribune.

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