Animated ps3 themes

Hell 2 the yeah! I haven't downloaded the theme yet I definitely will though , so I can't make a comparison. Its a very nice theme. It's a very smart move. Why would they want to add more stuff on it.

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The fact is it's a good freebie, whether you knew about it since day one is irrelevant. Jet Li vs the General fight would be awesome! The reason for this is that they aren't having to write in commands for differing hardware.

Anime | Best PS3 Themes

Want to join in? I don't really want to make one, but I really want this, as well. New Comment Subscribe Save for later Embed. Wouldnt it be cool to have a zombie or monster theme?

I don't buy themes or images that cost money. I just wish they'd allow use of your own ava-thingy as well! If so, im SOLD. ZBlacktt d ago The Xbox does not get these because the system would burn up just that much faster.

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Scroll down a lil ways to get to the Gameplay section. Read less Read more Yes you could try Consolethemes.

To those that bought the theme: I haven't noticed anything. Redempteur d ago the JPN store had already some prenium theme about anime.

Free Animated PS3 Themes

Get deal Get deal. Email me when someone replies. Water effects are crap, but other than that, I really want this game.

It'll be my one game for this month before the onslaught of games I want in October.

XboxElite d ago Edited d ago Animatec crap glad we don't get this on Xbox Its a very nice theme. Normally I dont do thid but I'm going on the us.

However, I can point you in a direction so that you can see actual gameplay videos of Afrika so that you might make the comparison yourself HD videos too. Ps33 Beta Tester Offline. What are there doing with their bodies etc.

Tbh I think animated themes are pretty pointless, after all I don't sit there and look at my XMB animzted any great length of time, I'm usually only on my XMB screen for a few seconds while I launch a game or browser.

D Agree 21 Disagree Agree 6 Disagree 0. So more heat from me! ThanatosDMC d ago To those that bought the theme: For more info or to change settings, click here.

I am kicking myself right now because the Afrika theme is way better.

I'd understand if the included more stuff in the animated theme. Just go to google and put in "make a japanese PSN account".

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