Bodywork restoration tutorial dvd

An added bonus was getting to look at some fantastic restoration projects in the main workshop. I'm already bashing away! Next is Folding and Forming, creating brackets and flanges. Only don't do this i you have never downloaded a single copyrighted file or mp3 or movie cause that would be consistent.

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These skills can be used to form simple repair sections using only hand tools.

Lots more comments from customers on the testimonial page!. You can learn how to do this from this dvd. PM sent Willing to pirate for personal gain but not for the benefit of the members of pf.

Bodywork Restoration Tutorial Dvd Download

This is a great DVD. All of the parts that he makes are with tools that could be found in most shops.

I'm already bashing away! This model 'A' wing fender was repaired using the techniques shown in Bodywork Restoration Tutorial. Does anyone in Sydney do a bodywork course? For registered members this ad will NOT show.

David emphasizes and shows the basic skills that are needed to make sheet metal parts. Just rip i and post it you selfish cunts. This DVD is available at: Covered all the basics, with plenty of practical as well.

Pretty much covered most things that the David Gardiner video does, but with the bonus of being able to practice it with the teacher being present and ask questions, etc when you get stuck.

Have you changed cams? I vaguely recall there was a guy who held small classes in his workshop and covered basic bodywork stuff.

A number of repair sections are created on the DVD including making floor pan repairs and fitting a door skin. This is not the case with Bodywork Tutorial.

Bodywork Restoration Tutorial DVD

Only don't do this i you have never downloaded a single copyrighted file or mp3 or movie cause that would be consistent. Ten years before that, they did the same thing to our main sheet metal bodwork machine shop He makes a patch panel for a fender and a gas tank; using just a few hand tools. This is just one of the m any parts created on this dvd to demonstrate the techniques.

In fact the petrol tank below is made by hand on the DVD. It's pretty good, but work eventually got in the way He shows you how to metal finish panels, how to use a dinging hammer, make a curved radius, compound curves and do wire edging.

Looked up a few Sykes Pickavant ones and they're exxxxxy. Anyone have hookups for a good quality kit with hammers and dollies?

Bodywork Restoration Tutorial Dvd Download | Boombap

Have just orderd this, keen to learn this sort of stuff have NFI what im doing atm. I have looked at the whole video and can see l that this is an incredibly good value.

Davids employee and one bodyqork the many people David has taught over the years. For nearly 30 years at work, I had access to a decent sized manual sheet metal guillotine, pan brake, and finger bender in our training school. Results 1 to 2 of 2. Once I get a bit of spare time I intend to muck around making an alloy bike tank just so I can see if its as easy bocywork he makes it look.

I use paypal all the time for ebay stuff. Now there is an excellent DVD available. There are chapters on wire edging, metal finishing and on lead loading and many other processes and techniques.

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