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You may want to turn your speakers off for these games. To make the games run at 60fps which is their normal speed do the following: This will open the Display Properties. This is caused by the software that was used to create these CD images and it's not a fault of the emulator.

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Some alphha video cards may not have drivers compatible with directX 9b. How do I run games? Nice this one too Results 1 to 4 of 4.

Every time I try to run a game the bios keeps restarting itself right after the "Dreamcast" logo, how do I fix this? How can I fix this problem? You have to create a memory card from the plugins configuration of the emulator; then run the emulator without a CD chankaxt the virtual chankkast and from the options screen that will show up choose the memory card icon and then choose the memory card and format it fully erase it.

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If you have, the emulator will probably crash. If you want to make these images work with Chankast do one of the following: Is there a way to make a game run faster? How do I fix that? alphw

This FAQ does not cover questions regarding the usage of a Dreamcast or software that runs on a Dreamcast. It seems that you can use the Utopia boot disk with the latest Chankast version but it may not work for some people. If you get a "can't read TOC from x: Update your video card drivers and make sure that your desktop color depth is 32 bit. In that case you have to get a newer video card. Is there a chankaet to fix them?

July 11th, alpna, Asking for this material is strictly forbidden and you'll be banned if you do. March 27th, It says that there is no memory card or that the memory card does not have enough free blocks even though it's full. How do I run CD images? This thread contains answers to the most common questions regarding the Dreamcast emulator named Chankast a. Then select the IDE chnkast and then the drivers tab and click update drivers.

Read the sticky Threads alha use the Search function before asking for help. I can't make Chankast run games under Windows XP. In order to be able to use Chankast your PC must meet the following requirements: After that, install the ASPI drivers.

You're trying chakast run a non-selfbootable disk. The time now is Be sure to select the 'use capcom hack' option in the menu when you want to play games made by Capcom. I am trying to run a game that is supported by the emulator but it freezes after the intro!

If you have another CPU Chankast will probably run slower. In that case you'll have to get the game from somewhere else Closing any unnecessary applications especially if they mess up with hardware parts like the CD-ROM, alphaa card or sound card may help you make it work and even make it faster.

Use Daemon Tools v3. You may be able to run some "not playable games" like Virtual On if you overclock the Dreamcast CPU set it to or higher.

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