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This Cloud thing really has no point especially when we have internet services in particular areas. Cognito Forms just released support for automatic bulk migration of FormsCentral forms! Is there an equivalent to "Forms Central" in the Adobe Cloud? Inexpensive, but light on features. I wonder if Adobe has considered perhaps changing the pricing structure instead of retiring AdobeFormsCentral?

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I was easily abel to import my forms into it. I have put in hundreds of hours building our online applications!

End of support for FormsCentral

Forms are critical to many business processes, and Adobe offers a wide range of software products that help businesses collect data electronically and integrate with back-end business systems. I just tried Cognito-Forms and it looks promising.

Unlimited Forms, unlimited reports, 3, responses per form, I am assuming with a five-cents overage charge rorms response; it also has the ability to to embed your form code into a website. If not, something on your form may have triggered our system to turn off the public link. But then I cannot publish any form? What are my alternatives for finding a new service? JotForm is the forjs alternative to FormsCentral. The I have been looking at and gathering information about the different FormCentral alternatives.

I checked out Formstack and it doesn't come close to offering the same functionality and customization that FormsCentral offered.

By Document Cloud Dorms - 2: Do either of those options, allow for fill-in and signature on mobile devices????

I am very frustrated as well! This is about trustworthiness. Out of the question. Please let me know if you have any questions, I would be more than happy to help.

Correct Answers - 10 points. I fully agree with your comments. The information prints with correct headings.

It sounds like now I am going to have to use multiple platforms to have the features I want. I can just echo the comments above. Do any of the listed alternatives allow a user to fill out a form off-line like a. This results in lack of replies! Please be committed to your product, and to your customers. I am glad the automatic migration to Cognito Forms and the printing suggestion is meeting your needs!

You can continue to create PDF forms and collect data through the FormsCentral service, with no loss of functionality. If you delete a field that has logic you have to go into each field that was attached to it and recreate a fake logic and delete it otherwise it thinks its still attached to the now deleted field.

Acrobat X Acrobat XI. Adobe Acrobat DC is another example.

Forms Central Alternative | Adobe Community

I have some forms created and the problem is: Like everyone - VERY unhappy. If you can't see it, message me directly with the email you used to sign up and we'll get you sorted out. If you are interested in an enterprise-class, mobile-ready Adobe forms adobbe, please check out Adobe Experience Manager Forms.

How will billing work for my current FormsCentral subscription?

When did Adobe retire FormsCentral? Finally had a way to organize all of our forms, what a headache.

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