Cypress hill trouble

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Unreleased and Revamped Stash. His family exits the house to find that he is actually by himself, looking on in confusion.

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Cypress Hill – Trouble Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Release Date December 4, You want trouble, c'mon, you want trouble?

He turns down an alley and his trapped. The Best of Cypress Hill. Sen Dog] Trouble on the line, all the fuckin' time Got me contemplatin' the solution, the fusion my wicked mind Got suckers that hate me but it don't really matter I'm like a gat when I bust, niggas run and scatter Movin' in circles, throwin' elbows and fists You got to be a real nigga in the Cypress Hill pit Like the critics talkin' shit, but I'm not concerned A hundred G's for sixty minutes is the bank I earn I try to put it to you bluntly so you bitches can learn That nobody get tired when it's time to burn With so many phonies out there lot of you have been fooled Into actually believin' that some shit is cool Take the blinders off and go look for yourself Fuck hearin' about shit from somebody else I'm down for myself, I back up myself Put in all on the line make sure that I'm felt [Chorus: The video returns to B-Real who is still running through the streets.

Live at the Fillmore. Shots of the band performing the song are inter-cut with the video's story.

Trouble (Cypress Hill song) - Wikipedia

CS1 German-language sources de Articles with hAudio microformats. Retrieved from " https: Frouble he goes to the fridge to get another, someone suddenly knocks at the door.

As the men finally catch up to him they remove their hoods and reveal that they are actually all different versions of B-Real himself. As he exits the house he sees many people moshing on his front lawn before he joins in himself.

Archived from the original on May 7, Views Read Edit View history. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Guitar Christian Olde Wolbers.

Trouble (Cypress Hill song)

Trouble Lyrics [Verse 1: His family exits the house to find that he is actually by himself, looking on in confusion. B-Real] You want trouble, c'mon, you want trouble? I'm not, what you 'posed to be?

Verified Artists All Artists: Here is Something You Can't Understand. Nu metal rap metal. Bass Christian Olde Wolbers. Unreleased and Revamped Stash.

B-Real] Felt the walls closin' in, and my shoe's wearin' thin Had to be the biggest clown, man you couldn't comprehend Some hated on my game, said I wouldn't be the same Called me "Rock Superstar", "Insane In The Brain" But I know I haven't changed, so I brush you to the side Trouble's knockin' on the door, anxious just to come inside 'times I gotta block it out, no one likes to talk it out Trouble keeps comin' and I can't seem to lock it out Got my hands on the phone, I don't wanna have to talk If you're feelin froggy, son, then I guess you gotta jump I can see it in your eyes, you don't seem to recognise I wouldn't fall into your trap, for many lives to compromise I'm not fallin' for your shit, you ain't gonna take me there You can talk all you hilk, but I don't got your weight to bear [Chorus: As he turns around, he sees a group of hooded men start to form around him and the homeless man drives off in his car and the men start to give chase through trojble.

Used to not give a damn, coulda just killed a man Sawed-off in my hand, but I had to kill the plan Think I've found my peace of mind, feet planted on the ground I just had to redefine, what I thought trluble myself It all goes around me and others who would down me Who I don't give a fuck about, trouble always found me I know used to welcome it with my arms open wide Trouble's hand's on cyress door, but it can't come cyypress [Chorus: As he tries to make the call, he discovers the phone's line has been cut.

The song's music video begins with a shot of B-Real sitting in his car trying make a call on his cellphone. gill

Stoned Raiders Cypress Hill. The song was the first part of the double A-Side single it shared with "Lowrider" in Europe.

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