Dell equallogic san headquarters

With the EqualLogic family of storage arrays, Dell provides comprehensive SAN solutions designed to meet a wide range of business needs. This report helps IT Managers quickly detect potential problems with the group. Custom views of SAN health at a specific point in time or over a specific time period, can be defined using the slide bar in SAN HQ or by a simple click and drag directly in one of the detailed graphs.

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SAN HQ presents data in multiple views that is highly intuitive for IT managers to navigate and is suited for the needs of different customers. This way, the data you see reflects normal day-by-day activities.

Dell Data Management Services can help customers design, implement, manage and maintain storage infrastructures that satisfy data availability, retention and recovery requirements.

SAN HQ provides several reporting options to view the data for all groups or selected groups, as well as options for archiving data for future analysis. SAN HQ enables you qeuallogic perform experimental analysis on the data collected to determine if a group has reached its full capabilities and identify requirements for storage growth and future planning. The Live View feature polls data as quick as 3-second intervals, presenting a temporary view of your environment.

Dell offers a vast array of instructor-led classes and online training courses in a range of topics from server maintenance to in-depth technical overview of specific systems.

Data Management Consulting from Dell Dell offers a comprehensive suite of workshop, assessment, design, and implementation services to help customers asn the most from their EqualLogic PS Series infrastructures. Do you need full service support or do you have an IT staff? For example, the Replication Report shows transfer sizes and replication times for volumes replicated.

Managing Storage with SAN HeadQuarters

SAN HQ now provides enhanced navigation, in-depth analytics and extensive reporting capabilities. EqualLogic Backup Integration Designbuilt to integrate your PS Series snapshot capabilities with your backup application for centralized backup management. Improve performance by identifying performance bottlenecks Effectively allocate group resources by identifying underutilized resources Improve availability by proactively identifying problems Plan for future by identifying requirements for headquaretrs growth.

Formatted Reports, Graphs and Archives: Dell uses standard tools, a proven methodology and expert consultants to mitigate associated risk and minimize downtime.

Dell Infrastructure Services Dell infrastructure services are designed to help customers automate and equallgic configure, deploy, and manage their day-to-day end user computing and data center operations. Live View displays data captured in brief session intervals at quick polling rates helping IT managers diagnose or analyze a situation in a small duration.

SAN HeadQuarters - Part 1 Installing -

Multi-site support provides a single pane of view of EqualLogic groups spread across geographies making monitoring and analyzing EqualLogic groups in remote sites simpler and quicker. If you are replicating data, you configure SAN HeadQuarters to connect to the source site and the target site for most meaningful data.

SAN Eequallogic helps you effectively manage your storage by providing email notification of performance alerts so you can quickly respond to the problem before it becomes catastrophic. Designed for organizations with limited or no dedicated IT staff. For information on analyzing data, see Analyzing Storage Performance.

SAN HQ's easy-to-use interface and rich data can help you with a number of szn storage management activities. Easy to Use Views: Dealing with rapid data growth is one of the most pressing issues facing IT organizations today. Custom views of SAN health at a specific point in time or over a specific time period, can be defined using the slide bar in SAN HQ or by a simple click and drag directly in one headquarterw the detailed graphs.

Whether it's at the corporate data center, branch office facilities or disaster recovery sites, your Storage Area Networks SANs that support business-critical applications are growing and need to be monitored in a time and cost-effective manner. Protect — Dell Data Center Backup Management services are available to assist you with reporting to help refine SLA requirements, to provide monitoring to improve process efficiency or for the full management of your backup environment.

Equallogif and analysis using SAN HeadQuarters allows you to see changes relative to previous conditions. IT Managers can avert potential downtime and have their environment highly available. With the information you get from SAN HQ, you can better customize, protect, and optimize your storage to meet the demands of today and prepare for tomorrow's growth. SAN HQ provides performance related and email alerts and hardware alarms on multiple parameters.

For example, after starting hadquarters virtual machine that uses guest attached volumes, you could use SAN HeadQuarters to see how the guest attached volumes are running by looking at average IOPS, latencies, and queue depth. SAN HeadQuarters uses data archived from early time intervals and compares to present data to determine trends.

Exhaustive storage analysis is timely and expensive, and many installations do not have a dedicated Storage Administrator.

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