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Cai luong artist Thanh Thanh Hoa dies at 67 After a long illness, cai luong southern traditional opera artist Thanh Thanh Hoa, a brilliant face of the cai luong stage before , died at 10 a. Cai luong is a form of modern folk opera that blends southern Vietnamese folk songs, classical music, hat tuong a classical form based on Chinese opera , and modern spoken drama. After the show, Carol Orgen, a tourist from the US, said the theater should have an introduction about cai luong for foreigners before the opera. The minute play, Thay Ba Doi Teacher Ba Doi , portrays the career of famous musician Nguyen Quang Dai, a guru of cai luong who helped develop tai tu music, a genre of traditional music, and cai luong in the South. Most of the pieces performed on Sunday will highlight the inner beauty of Vietnamese women.

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